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With over 3.4 million page views last year we are delivering 248,775 searches every month, averaging over 35,000 unique users per month, advertising circa 1,800 pub vacancies at any one time and sending out over 400 pub specific applications per week to our clients.

Web Performance (Source: Google Analytics: Oct 2017 - Sep 2018)

Traffic (%)

New vs Returning

Gender (%)

Male vs Female


Direct vs Referrals is the most visited pub property website in the UK

Quick stats (Source: Google Analytics & Website: Oct 2017 - Sep 2018)

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Our customer base is made up of pub professionals; some looking for their first pub, some for their next pub and some are multiple operators looking to add further sites to their portfolios.

Over 70% of our monthly visitors are new, which means they are motivated, highly engaged and actively considering their next career move in the pub industry.

Present your services and brand to professionals who are embarking on a career in the pub trade at this early stage to ensure you are at the forefront of their minds when they make some of the critical decisions they will need to consider on their business journey.

Audience & Behaviour (Source: Google Analytics: Oct 2017 - Sep 2018)

London 22.52%
Birmingham 2.39%
Leeds 2.10%
Manchester 1.78%
Liverpool 1.51%
Bristol 1.42%
Sheffield 1.39%
Glasgow 1.39%
Nottingham 1.26%
Other 64.24%
Most visited pages
/search/ 563,442
/lease-tenancy-pubs/ 515,849
/ 110,918
/properties/premium-listings/ 23,215
/properties/enquire/ 12,074
/pubs-for-sale/ 11,900
/self-employed/ 10,147
/login/ 8,967
/register/ 5,045
/pubco-of-the-month/ 4,770

Devices / Screen sizes (Source: Google Analytics: Oct 2017 - Sep 2018)

Devices / Screen sizes
Mobile (375x667) 58,607
Mobile (360x640) 55,690
Tablet (768x1024) 31,963
Mobile (320x568) 29,032
Desktop (1366x768) 26,493
Mobile (414x736) 16,135
Desktop (1920x1080) 15,291
Mobile (360x740) 8,393
Desktop (1440x900) 6,522
Desktop (1024x768) 6,381

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